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Many families decide that they want to have a family dog. You may wonder if a family dog is right for your family. If you are still considering whether a family dog is a good idea, then we can help you by covering the reasons why dogs and children can teach each other a thing or two when they are raised together.

  1. Your Children Learn About Responsibility

When you have a pet, it teaches your kids responsibility. The family dog needs to be fed on a regular basis and needs clean water to drink. Children start to understand that the dog cannot help himself when he is hungry, and it is the responsibility of the caretakers (humans) to ensure those needs are met. Having a child take care of the task of ensuring that the dog is fed regularly can also increase a child’s self-esteem by providing them with a higher level of responsibility.

  1. Companionship

A dog is always there for the child throughout the ups and downs of childhood. As children are working through life lessons, they have the family dog by their side to help them. Dogs provide children with comfort and petting and cuddling with a dog can help to lower stress levels and allow people to be able to relax.

  1. Being Active

The family dog encourages a family to be more active. Children who have dogs tend to get more exercise than their peers who do not have a dog. The family dog needs to have a walk, a run or play time on a daily basis and even when a child does not feel like being active, the family dog can provide the necessary encouragement by giving them those “puppy dog eyes”.

  1. Better Health

Paws, Claws and Tails say that children who are raised closely with pets become sick less often. The reason is because they are exposed to various microbes on pets and pet dander which will improve the immune system of children. Children raised with dogs tend to experience less allergies.

  1. Loving Guardians

Dogs have a natural protection instinct and will use that with human children. When they are with a family for life, their protective nature will help them to save their human children whenever possible and protect them from dangerous animals and other situations that could harm a child.

  1. Getting Outside

Children with dogs tend to spend more time outdoors. The family dog provides a multitude of great reasons for the whole family to get outdoors and spend less time on screens.

  1. Bonding with Family

If there are siblings in your family unit that do not get along that well, adding a pet to your family can help. When you add a dog, the responsibilities of walking the dog and feeding him as well as play time can help to bring siblings closer together. You may find that they find ways to work together in the care of your dog.

  1.  Unconditional Love

Children learn the meaning of unconditional love with a dog. Dogs do not judge their human family in any way. As long as you treat your dog in a kind way, the dog will provide you with his undying love. Dogs do not get angry with their humans and stop talking to them because they have hurt feelings. Your dog will always be excited to see you any time of the day or night.

  1. Increased Happiness

Children who have dogs early in their childhood are generally happier. Dogs have been known to raise dopamine and serotonin levels in children which are the basic building blocks of positive feelings. It is fun for children to interact with dogs and play with them and they feel energized and happier when they play with a dog.

If you have been thinking about getting a dog for your family, there is no right time. It is better to get a puppy when your children are younger so that they are accustomed to having a dog around. Choose a breed of dog that has a longer life span so that the dog will be around for a longer time with the children as they grow up. A dog is a great addition to a young growing family because a dog teaches your children so many great aspects of life and pet ownership. When a dog and a child grow up together, they become the best of friends and you can rest assured knowing that your child has a furry sibling that will always look out for your child to the best of their ability.

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