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Advance Dog Weight Control 700g


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Advance Chicen & Rice All Breed Weight Control Dog Food, 700g

Weight control dog food is designed to facilitate weight loss in dogs. This formula is suitable for all breeds and contains chicken as the first ingredient. Real pieces of meat are a good source of protein and they give this food a delicious meaty taste.

Rice is also included in the recipe. It’s a complex carbohydrate that will fuel your dog’s everyday activities.

Why should I feed my dog Advance Weight Control food

It ideal for dogs that have recently become inactive due to lifestyle changes such as illness or injury. You can also feed this canned food to your dog if you are trying to reduce his weight to a healthy weight range.

  • Plant extracts, vitamins & minerals maintain a healthy immune system.
  • Beet pulp and pre-biotic FOS support healthy bacteria growth in the gut and reduce stool volume.
  • This recipe is lower in calories when compared to the Advance regular adult dog food recipe.

Advance Weight Control food comes in a 700g can.


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