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Api Melafix 237ml


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It isnt uncommon for your newly brought home fish to develop diseases or already be in the early stages of a disease. By using the API Melafix, heal your fish from any disease that may be in their system already and enable them to have a safe transition into their new home. By doing so, it also prevents other fish in your aquarium to contract any diseases.

But Melafix is more than that. The all natural formula also heals open wound abrasions, treats fin and tail rot, mouth fungus, eye cloudand boost re-growth of damaged fin rays and tissue without hindering the pH level or colour of the water.

This product will not damage the biological filter in your aquarium and is safe to use in reef aquariums and around aquatic plants.

Treatment:5ml for every 10 U.S. gallons of water

If introducing new fish daily dose for 3 days

To treat disease and wounds daily dose for 7 days. Change 25% of the water after the 7thday.

Available in 118ml, 237ml, 473ml bottles.


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