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Hikari Micro Wafers 45gm


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These small and nutritious wafers are colour enhancing to liven up your tank with rainbow fish.

A nutritious mix, the food is palatable and easy to digest. High in Vitamin C, they work to reduce stress and anxiety in fish as well as build their immune system. The pellets are semi-floating, so they won’t sit on the surface of the water, but won’t sink all the way to the bottom either.

Because the food is fibrous, it means less mess in your fish’s tank. The nutrition will be absorbed properly in most cases which means less fishy stools.

Ideal for Tetras, Barbs, Cichlid, Catfishes and other small mouth tropical fish. The pellets aresmallsized, so are suited to small and medium size fish.

Feeding guide:

Check the label to ensure you are feeding your fish the right amount. The wafers have a soft texture. Do not overfeed.


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