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Prestige Wire Dog Muzzle Xlarge


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When training or restraining your dog in stressful situations, a muzzle can mean the difference between a safe encounter or a fatal bite. The Prestige Wire Dog Muzzle is here to help.

Prestige muzzles are ideal because they have no leather straps and the wire caging will not be a scratching hazard to your dog. It fits snugly around their head and can be adjusted to ensure it isn’t too tight.

(Extra Large)
Front Width: 6cm
Front Height: 12cm
Back Width: 9cm
Back Height: 15cm
Top Length: 11cm
Bottom Length: 14cm

Fits dogs like Mastiffs, Great Danes and St Bernards.

It is important that the muzzle does not stay on your dog for prolonged periods of time. Muzzles, when worn over an extended period of time have the potential of causing stress and anxiety as well as overheating in your dog. Always monitor your dog and remove muzzle if they become noticeably unsettled.

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