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Vetalogica Feline Omegaderm 18g


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Vetalogica Feline Omegaderm, Cat Skin Supplement, 18g

Excessive shedding is often the main culprit for hairballs in cats. Feline Omegaderm from Vetalogica aims to help manage skin and coat issues and reduce the number of hairballs.

A precise ratio of omega oils ensures that your cat can absorb them and that they can have maximum effect. Since cats cannot produce or convert omega 3 & 6, this is crucially important. Essential antioxidants like Vitamin E nourish skin and fur whilst decreasing shedding.

The convenient chewable tablet is chicken flavoured, so your cat will just think it’s a treat!?

  • Worldwide exclusive Dermalglo technology, researched and developed by specialists.
  • Concentrated antioxidants to strengthen the immune system.
  • A blend of vitamins and minerals needed for healthy fur.


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