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Api Tapwater Conditioner 30ml


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In order for your fish to thrive, they need to breathe in an environment that is clean and free from harmful and hazardous chemicals. Unfortunately, whilst tap water is a plentiful resource making it easy to change out your aquarium or tanks water, it contains chlorine, chloramines and heavy metals, all of which reduce the lifespan of fish by gradually declining their health.

With the API Tap Water Conditioner, you can continue to use tap water in your aquarium and also let your fish live a flourishing life free from fear. The conditioner removes chlorine from water and neutralises the chloramines whilst also detoxifying every atom of heavy metals providing an all around coverage of protection.

Moreover, this solution is super concentrated meaning a single ounce can treat over 2200 litres of tap water.

By going with the API Tap Water Conditioner, you are subscribing to a lifetime of health and happiness.

Essential for use with new fish, in a new aquarium and when changing out the water.

Use the Dosing Cap provided with the bottle for accurate measurements.

To remove chlorine and detoxify heavy metals: Use 1ml for every 76 litres of water

To detoxify chloramines: Use 5 ml for every 114 litres of water


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