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Blackdog Chicken Discs 150g


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Black Dog Chicken Disc Dog Treats, 150g

Made from real chicken, Black Dog chicken discs are crunchy disc shaped biscuits. These treats can easily be broken into smaller treats for dog training or they can be fed in one piece.

Dog treats made of chicken have one clear advantage – they are naturally low in fat. This makes chicken discs a good choice if you are monitoring your dog’s weight.

They are also a good choice for senior dogs that aren’t as active as they used to be.

Fussy dogs will love the taste and texture of these treats. The taste is mild and the texture is slightly crumbly.

Black Dog chicken discs are:

  • Made from real chicken and other natural ingredients.
  • A suitable choice for overweight and senior dogs.
  • Appealing to fussy eaters.
  • Full of flavour.

These black dog chicken treats come in a 150g resealable bag. For your convenience we also stock a 1kg bag of these chicken treats at bulk price.


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