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Wanpy Biscuits With Chicken Jerky 454g


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Wanpy Dog Biscuits with Chicken Jerky, 454g

These oven roasted dog biscuits have a delicious taste and feature a piece of chicken jerky wrapped around each one. Dogs will love the crunchiness of the biscuit combined with the pliable yet chewy chicken jerky meat.

Use them to reward your dog or as a convenient snack in between meals.

  • Multiple texture is enjoyable to eat.
  • Chewing helps to remove plaque from teeth for good dental hygiene.
  • Comes in a 454g pack for treating on multipleoccasions.

Ingredients: Chicken, wheat flour, sugar, palm oil, glycerin, vegetable protein, starch, lecithin, salt, calcium carbonate, gelatin, oligosaccharides, flavone, contains EC permitted colourants


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