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Blackdog Biscuits Mini Charcoal 1kg


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Black Dog Small Dog Biscuits Charcoal, 1kg

Black Dog mini charcoal biscuits are perfect for mini dogs!?

These dog biscuits are better for small breed dogs in comparison with traditional Black Dog biscuits. They contain the same natural ingredients however the biscuits are a smaller size for smaller mouths.

The taste of charcoal may not sound appetising to you but your Chihuahua, Pomeranian or Toy Poodle will love the taste of these charcoal dog biscuits.Activated charcoal is known to reduce gassiness and bloating in dogs. It also helps to get rid of bad ‘doggy breath’.

These baked dog biscuits are a healthier alternative to fatty and salty treats as they are low in salt and sugar.

A Black Dog mini charcoal biscuit is made up of mostly natural ingredients and also includes:

  • Ingredients that prevent the occurrence of urinary tract infections.
  • Ingredients for a healthy, glossy coat.
  • Vitamins and minerals for a strengthened immune system.
  • Garlic – a natural way of deterring worms and fleas.

These charcoal flavoured small dog biscuits come in a 1kg resealable pack.


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